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Our Educators

Preschool EducatorsEquipped with education, training, enthusiasm and positive, nurturing personalities, many of our dedicated teaching professionals have been enhancing childrens’ lives here at Alphabet Farms for more than 15 years. Consistency is a critical component to children feeling secure which is why teacher stability is so very important to us here.

Training, background and education are important in qualifying a teacher for a position working with children. Our Lead Teachers have earned a minimum of a CDA degree, while many possess degrees in other fields. All have years of experience with young children and are teaching professionals.

“I love it about as much as my son does. He’s very happy. He actually will get out of my car and run into the school because he’s so happy to be here. The people here are awesome and amazing. They love the children. You can tell that by they interact with them and I’m just very pleased.”

Candice Veach