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2 Year Olds Class

The Guppy Class: Ages 2 years through young 3

2 Year OldsOur Guppy Class consists of a group of 12 two year olds.  The class is taught by Miss Gail, a teaching professional for over 25 years, 17 of which are with Alphabet Farms and Miss Samantha who also has a long tenure of 8 years with the preschool.  This experienced team possesses the perfect balance of teaching styles.

The child to teacher ratio is an important factor to consider when choosing a learning environment for your 2 year old, but equally important is the total group size.  We have found in our 20 year history that a group of 2 year olds larger than 12 possesses an abundance of stimulation which hinders learning.

Each day in the Guppy Class is highly structured for optimal learning.  Routine and structure lend themselves to allow feelings of security for children, which then leads to learning.  Although it may not sound like learning is occurring because the children are laughing, singing, dancing, talking and creating, this is precisely how 2 year olds learn.  Experience is the best teacher.

It is in our Guppy Class that we begin to see the emergence of early literacy skills such as letter recognition and early math skills like matching, counting and seriation skills.  The strides made by each child from the beginning of their Guppy year to the end are remarkable.

“We looked at six other preschools in the area and then found Alphabet Farms Preschool — there’s simply no comparison.”

Mary Beth Scott