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The Tadpole Class: Ages 16 months through young 2 years

The Tadpole Class consists of a group of only 6 toddlers led by Miss Megan. Miss Megan is exactly what every parent wants for their child’s first preschool teacher! Her experience, knowledge, and energy are present each and every day! Megan loves the creative path of teaching through song, dance and getting messy with her Tadpole class and they LOVE her. Watching the children in her class learn and grow is the source of her motivation and it shows!!

Research shows children as young as toddlers thrive in a structured environment; routine is critical to the success of each child. Each activity in our Tadpole Class, such as Circle Time, Art, Music and Playground are planned and executed on a schedule. Because the class is a small one, the children receive one-on-one teaching moments throughout the day along with the experience of being part of a group.

“I feel so secure knowing that my daughter is at Alphabet Farms Preschool. I know she is cared for and loved.”

Paul Needham