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Older 3 Year Olds Class

The Seagull Class: Older Three Year Olds / Young Four Year Olds

Older 3 Year Olds ClassIn some cases, a child may narrowly miss the Kindergarten cut-off. In Florida a child who is 5 years of age on or before September 1st is eligible to attend Kindergarten. Should a child miss the cut-off, for example, the child’s birthday is September 2nd. That child may not attend Kindergarten until the following year. Our Seagull Class is designed to accommodate that child. It is the class that follows the Three Year Old Treefrog Class and is before the Pre-K year for children who miss the cut-off or for children who may be a bit more advanced developmentally.

Miss Karin, a dedicated, experienced, professional teacher leads our Seagull Class with the passion and know-how needed to teach this specific age group. The Seagull Class consists of only 8 children who also benefit from the opportunity to use the Pre-K materials and equipment as well as the items in the Seagull Class.

In the past, the children who are afforded the opportunity to attend the Seagull class, are the children who, when they graduate from Alphabet Farms, are our readers.

“I would highly recommend your school to everyone; your program is stimulating, educational and loving.”

Athena Homan