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Prekindergarten Class

The Bald Eagle Class: 4 and 5 Year Olds

Four and 5 Year Olds Prekindergarten ClassThe Bald Eagle Class is our Prekindergarten Class. It is the final stepping stone for our children before they head off to Kindergarten. Ms. Elsie and Ms. Kelly are a superior teaching team. Together, they have a proven record of success unmatched in the area. No other team will better prepare your child for kindergarten.

This class is by far the most structured, “academic” class in the preschool as we must be sure each child is has achieved “School Readiness”. And in order to be assured of this, each child is assessed a minimum of 3 times during this critical year on Literacy, Math, Science-Technology, Social Studies and The Arts.

Our Curriculum is full of “hand-on”, sensory activities that are fun and engaging. Children are learning and exploring the necessary material for Kindergarten preparedness in exciting and different ways. For example, each spring, we hatch eggs in our school incubator. Through this activity, we read about the process, measure, sing, write and paint about our theme. We create, predict, observe and graph, for example.

“My son was more than ready for kindergarten, thanks to the teachers at Alphabet Farms Preschool. “

Erin Flanagan