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Our Classes

ClassesOur five home-like classrooms, each of which is tailored to the developmental age of each child are designed to offer maximum learning opportunities. Each of our preschool classes contains a developmentally appropriate library nook, fine motor center, writing center, math and science center, and constructive play center along with dramatic play and cooperative play centers. Each learning center offers a plethora of hands on, sensory based activities.

We have created a setting for children where they are cared for and educated in a way that enhances lifelong learning.

At Alphabet Farms we know children learn by doing. Consequently, our curriculum is chocked full of hands-on (sometimes messy) learning activities. By using a monthly theme, our lesson plans build on basic curriculum areas. For example, April is “It’s Growing” month where we hatch duck eggs in our school incubator. Through this activity alone we cover math, science, literacy, writing and more while discovering the miracle of life.

“The teachers are fantastic. They’re the best around. They have a very stable staff here, which we like very much. They’re all very knowledgeable, competent, and very caring.”

John Mahoney